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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

Travel far enough, you meet yourself. The travel of the word ‘travel’ itself has been dynamic, hasn’t it? You travel just as a displacement, travel down a memory lane, time travel inside of your head overthinking your future, travel within a process that makes a product out of an idea, and so much more! Interpretations being many, how often do we allow this Travel to be a Journey? The heart beat of this word can be kept alive by physically exploring
places around. With the right curiosity and spirit, your physical journey can be very easily a synonym to
your internal journey. 

Why do you like to travel?

How often do you pause and feel the sunshine in your routine life? How often does the sky fascinate
you? Do you embrace the trickling of the dew drops as they shed gently from the embrace of the
leaves? Maybe monotony is the barrier. The headspace for you to be grateful for the bigger and the
littlest things in life is all about what your senses allow you to observe. As you travel and explore
beautiful places, these senses too step up, wanting to grasp every tiny detail that the experience has to
offer. More often than not, the city life turns into city pangs. It’s a race for survival and leaves very little
space for ‘living’. 

The day is more or less predictable and you have a ‘to- do’ list in your hand the
moment you wake up. You dress up to be decently presentable… But how often are you ‘feeling your
outfit’? You have a stopwatch running as you finish your meal and get back to your work, while time
seems to be immensely hollow when you sleep in on your day off from work that has exhausted you
way too much to be recreational. Sure, it keeps you on toes! Sometimes pleasant surprises come your
way. But to be appreciative of this amusing buzz, you need to juxtapose it with some calm and relief.

What happens when you listen to jazz? You appreciate the sudden harmonies, the fast-paced drumming
or the blaring trumpets even more when they’re played right after a sweet pause, don’t you? Or when
the beat is monotonous, you wait for the musicians to amuse you with some smart improvisations that
tend to trick you into thinking they’ve lost the rhythm but skilfully land back into the previous beat
sequence. Life, is music too. The permutations of ‘travel’ and ‘stable’ will keep your song going! 

Become One With Nature On A Trip

The possibilities of a place are countless, but do you know what’s infinite? The possibilities of ‘You’! Each
day, as they say is a blessing. But how do you perceive each day as a literally ‘New’ day? The answer lies
in perspective. The more people you meet, from different ethnicities, cultures, communities and
backgrounds… The more tongues you hear, the more flavor you taste, the more perfumes you smell,
the variety of sounds you hear, the diverse terrains you see, and the different textures you feel… All
account to how you perceive. And the effect in fact, is a lot more long lasting than you would think! It’s
funny, and in an amazing way! Some events barely occupy a couple of moments from your life, but they
belong with you for an eternity. 

Most of such realizations take place as you travel. As you explore the
very scope of your being! As the newness of the places and the people surprise you, you keep surprising
yourself in response to them. We humans are more fluid than the viscous beings we think we are. We
name it with different things to appease ourselves- principles, integrity, discipline and so on. But the
face of the truth is, we are, very much capable of having multiple wonderful and unpredictable
personalities, that come out only when their individual characteristics are tested.

What better way to have such epiphanies than to travel? These mystical confrontations that you have 
with yourself arealluring, aren’t they

Photo by Venkat Jay on Unsplash

Go Beyond What Is Known To You

Comfort is what lies within us, and our openness to acceptance of variety! We tend to associate it with
certain locations, people, and work, which is not wrong by the way. But usually, we start becoming rigid
with our lifestyle and shut doors for newer ideas and opportunities that come our way. Sometimes, to
shake off these prejudices, and sometimes, simply for the sake of fun…. Take our word of advice (which
we literally do sum up in a word) …… TRAVEL! Go beyond what is known to you. Go without any inhibitions.
There will always be a lesson, hidden in the pages of your travel- waiting for you to unravel
it. Do things you never thought you were capable of. Fail, and fail healthily. Be confident to come back
as a stronger and better version of yourself. Have faith in the world to present you with things that are
no lesser than a blessing. But remember, not all of them find their way to you…. And so, you reach out
to them. You travel around and collect them in your heart. You give these things your trust and in return
they keep you motivated. They fill you with the wonder of the many, many things to exist in the world,
and open your eyes to the innumerable prospects that they bring to you. 

Travel Becomes A journey

A Journey that triggers your growth. It sheds light on the very crux of your potential. It’s a big world, but every place holds a gist of it in a very unique way. As you go around, you collect and preserve the essence of every journey you’ve physically made, and it contributes into your journey of self. You do not realize the lifestyle you truly want, until you’ve experienced something like it. You do not understand the value of something until, you’ve seen much worse. You do not appreciate your schedule, until things are haphazard and uncertain. You do not believe the intensity of your emotions, until you come across a situation that resonates with them. A journey enables you of such events. It puts you in the spot to experience a lot of contrast from what you already are. And once, you open your arms to it, there is truly no stopping. Then, as William Blake says, you attain the power ‘To see the world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, an eternity in an hour.